VAT & Payroll Bureau

Many clients have felt daunted by the ongoing issues of bookkeeping VAT and payroll (‘I’m an engineer not a tax collector’, is not an uncommon thought). So at Laytons we offer genuine, well priced support.

Modern techniques in bookkeeping (such as downloading bank statements directly from the bank) and the application of some new HMRC schemes (such as Fixed Rate VAT) can enable us to:

  • Analyse bank payments and receipts to determine amounts of VAT collected and suffered.
  • Determine VAT payable/refundable.
  • Submit online and ensure HMRC direct debit payments will be taken.
  • Determine if any schemes could be applicable and apply these where necessary.

Particularly since the introduction of RTI in 2013, many clients are not wanting to administer their own payrolls, and in many cases the cost of the payroll software itself is more than Laytons would charge for running the payroll.

Payroll bureau services include…

  • Generating payslips weekly or monthly, and forwarding these by post or email.
  • Attention to all submissions, as required by RTI; including FPs and EPS submissions each month.
  • Advice clients of the PAYE payments needed each month.
  • Processing of new starters and leavers; generation and submission of P45s.
  • Advice and support on auto enrolment for pensions and administration of pension contributions.